Our mission is to provide the best possible tailor-made communications support, strategic advice and business services to our clients in the life.sciences sector.

PR &



MND-Partners has a sister company called ‘Monkeys not Donkeys’, a hands-on communications team that works at the intersection of technology, business and creativity. They like nothing more than translating science into a visually and textually compelling message.

Our experience in finding new business opportunities and linking them with the right audiences helps our customers achieve accelerated business growth. From raising proper funding, all the way to capitalizing on your promising technologies or products, MND-partners can cover all the necessary aspects to achieve your challenging objectives.

We can help with exploring existing markets and competitors, developing and enrolling a successful marketing and communications plan, updating business plans and investor presentations. Moreover, the MND-Partners team comprises technological experts that can advise you on the scientific challenges you may need to overcome when bringing your product to the market.

Offices in Europe, China and the US make us an ideal partner to introduce your company to the Chinese market and find Chinese investors, licensing partners or set up collaborations or clinical trials.