MND-Partners has a sister company called ‘Monkeys not Donkeys’.

‘Monkeys not Donkeys’ is your one-stop partner for marketing and communications challenges in life sciences and technology.

We tap into our passion for research and technology, and use our scientific and marketing experience, combined with creativity and flexibility, to provide you with innovative solutions. We work closely with you to find the perfect way to differentiate your company from the competition and make sure your message gets across.

We have our own independent website. Visit to find out more.

Dr. Kim – Scientific Copywriter

Kim holds a PhD in marine biology and is a multi-disciplinary scientist, with additional experience in molecular biology and medical devices. As a critical native English speaker she can help you to tailor complex messages to any audience.

Pieter – Visual Communicator

Pieter is a marine scientist with a side-project-turned-specialty in visualizing information. He shares your enthusiasm about research and puts that energy into clear and attractive visuals.